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– Can I exchange coins and notes with FX Consulting?
No, foreign exchange only.

– How long does a payment take?
The credit note is generally issued within two working days of completion of the foreign exchange transaction. As soon as your transfer arrives, we can release your payment.

– How long does a domestic foreign currency payment take?
This depends on the time of receipt of your payment as well as on your bank account. In general, payments that arrive before 12.00 o’clock can be credited on the same day depending on your bank account. Otherwise the credit note can take 1 to 2 working days longer. If your payment arrives after 12.00 o’clock, your credit note with valuta is issued on the next working day, or 1 to 2 working days later depending on the bank account.

– How long does a payment to the specified party abroad take?
Normally the credit note is issued to your customer 1 to 2 working days after receipt of your payment.

– What fees do I pay?
FX Consulting does not charge fees for foreign exchange transactions and payments. However, we do not have influence on possible additional expenses applied by the bank of the specified party.

– Do I pay any basic charges?

– Does FX Consulting charge any hidden costs?

– Why can I exchange foreign currencies at these favourable conditions with FX Consulting?
Since we collect many small orders, we can approach banks with a larger volume and thus benefit from more favourable conditions.

– How much can I save?
We pass on 60-70% of the cost savings due to our favourable foreign exchange rates directly the customer.

– Is there a minimum transaction amount?
In general 5’000 CHF or equivalent.

– Which currencies can I trade with FX?
All convertible currencies. We currently offer more than 60 different pairs of currencies. You can also exchange one foreign currency for another.